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For concrete Round Rock, TX we are the best. Concrete is a strong and reliable material, and Round Rock Concrete Pros is a strong and reliable company. We offer Round Rock, TX concrete patios, driveways, concrete countertops, outdoor kitchens, stone work, masonry, and commercial concrete contractor Round Rock TX.  When beginning a concrete project hire us as your Round Rock, TX concrete contractor.

About Us

When looking for a Round Rock TX concrete contractor in Round Rock TX and the surrounding areas, look no further. Round Rock Concrete Pros is the #1 company to meet all your concrete needs. Our team is dedicated and hardworking, going above and beyond to produce an end product that meets the highest standards. Every service we provide is always tailored to the requests of our customers so that we can most deliver the ideal installation. From concrete driveways, to concrete patios, stamped concrete, outdoor kitchens, sidewalks, and walkways, we do it all!

Concrete has been at the heart of every type of construction for a number of generations and it has proved itself as the very best to use in a number of building situations. For function, appearance, and cost, there are few things that can match it. It is very diverse and will be able to fulfill whatever your specific needs may be.


    Our Services

    At Round Rock Concrete Pros we know just how versatile concrete can be because it is the primary material we work with in Round Rock, TX. There are countless ways that it can be used, and if so desired, you can use concrete in every area of your home. For functional spaces, like driveways and paths, it is the perfect material; strong and long lasting. With decorative concrete you can create a unique and creative look that adds class and style to the design. Whatever concrete project your property needs, we are the company to provide the services. Call us today for your concrete Round Rock TX projects!



    Concrete foundations and concrete slabs are an excellent foundation as they are incredibly strong, durable. Additionally, concrete protects against the wear and tear of the weather elements, people, machines, and chemicals. One of the most favorable properties of concrete is its strength and ability to support. It is capable of holding weight many times greater than its own, which has made it popular for foundation construction. Concrete foundations Round Rock, TX easily handle the weight of a residential home, typically doing so for a fair price. Additionally, a concrete foundation or slab is easy to maintain and keep clean.  Round Rock Concrete Pros, located in Round Rock, Texas, is a professional, reputable company offering concrete foundations and slabs that last a lifetime or more!  Call today to speak with a professional regarding the benefits of building your home or business on a concrete slab foundation. Round Rock Concrete Pros always offers free estimates in and around Round Rock, Texas.

    Concrete Driveways and Walkways

    Concrete is extremely durable and is used in creative ways to make quality aesthetic designs. This makes it perfect for things like driveways and walkways in Round Rock, TX. If you're adding or repairing your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, or path, consider all the benefits of concrete. Concrete is durable, environmentally friendly, customizable, and cost-effective.  It is pleasing, the ease it is to maintain your concrete driveway or walkway.  Installing a concrete driveway for your business or home will last a lifetime!  Constantly needing to support weight, while also detailing your home, concrete is the best way to guarantee both. When you need concrete driveway installation, repairs or resurfacing, we are happy to help. Additionally, count on us to be there to help with concrete walkways and even garage floors. Add curb appeal to your property with a smooth, stamped concrete surface for your sidewalk or walkway provided by Round Rock Concrete Pros.  Contact one of our experts and discuss increasing the value of your residential or commercial property by adding concrete driveways, sidewalks, walkways, paths, and more in Round Rock, Texas.

    “When I was renovating my kitchen, there were a number of things that I had to consider to keep my costs low but I wanted to achieve the best results. I needed a resistant countertop and I wanted an interesting slab floor with added aesthetic elements. Concrete seemed like the perfect material, so I called Round Rock Concrete Pros. They were more than happy to help with it all and gave me great prices on the bulk purchase. Their dedication was second to none and the results were brilliant, highly recommend.” – Jason D

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    Concrete Countertops


    When you are working on renovating your kitchen in Round Rock, TX, you may be in the market for a countertop. Our company proudly offers concrete countertops. Whether for your home kitchen, bathroom, outdoor areas, restaurants, bar or wherever else you are looking for a beautiful, durable, and functional countertop. Many people are switching to concrete countertops for their businesses and homes due to the durability of concrete countertops. They're extremely strong, easy to fix, and surprisingly aesthetic. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture and staining, as well offering an effective modern touch on the space. Use concrete for your countertop to guarantee all of this. When combined with an epoxy coating, a concrete countertop will be able to resist staining or abrasions. Ask about our stamped concrete for your countertop!  Concrete countertops are also easy to maintain and allow you to choose whether you want a rustic look or a smooth sleek finish.  Contact the professionals from Round Rock Concrete Pros to discover all of the wonderful options there are in concrete countertops!

    Concrete Services Georgetown
    Outdoor Kitchens and Patios

    Round Rock, Texas is a great place to consider installing a patio and outdoor kitchen for your home! Round Rock Concrete Pros specializes in creating concrete patios and concrete outdoor kitchens and living spaces that are long-lasting, functional, and beautiful.  Our crew is a team of highly talented contractors and designers. We know how to make premium installations, using expert techniques. Within our repertoire, are such quality options as outdoor kitchens Round Rock, TX and concrete patios Round Rock, TX. Due to the durability and customization that concrete offers, concrete is extremely popular for outdoor patios and outdoor kitchens.  Round Rock Concrete Pros designs your patio and outdoor kitchen and installs it to your satisfaction. We combine all of our techniques to produce the kitchen you have always dreamed of for your backyard. Additionally, stamped concrete and concrete pavers increase the aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. Contact us for a free consultation and free estimate for your concrete patio and outdoor kitchen project. Also, Round Rock Concrete Pros also offers patio repair!

    “Round Rock Concrete Pros designed and installed my outdoor kitchen. Combining concrete and stone, these guys created the space I had always dreamt of. Their attention to detail is amazing and they were more hardworking than I ever could have expected. Can’t thank them enough.” – Jess E

    Stone Work

    Not only are we the local Round Rock experts for everything concrete, we are just as skilled with stone and masonry materials. Round Rock Concrete Pros offers professional masonry providing you with beautiful stone work for your walkways, paths, patios, hardscaping, and retaining walls.  Professional masonry and stonework are a reliable strategy for building walkways, retaining walls, and hardscaping for centuries. This is because it is very strong and long-lasting. Additionally, its beauty surpasses all other methods.  Stonework provides a low maintenance and elegant living space. It creates a unique and premium look, which is widely applied to various construction types. Working with Round Rock Concrete Pros means you take full advantage of this. We use stone in many ways, like the installation of patios and walkways and more. Whether it's for a path or a retaining wall or a yard of hardscaping, its curb appeal increases the value of your property. Contact Round Rock Concrete Pros, located in Round Rock, Texas, to help you develop your stone work project. Also, we offer free estimates on stonework and stone repair.

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    Commercial Concrete Contractor

    We offer commercial concrete services Round Rock, TX. Concrete is the single best material to use in commercial environments. It is strong, long-lasting, inexpensive, versatile and reliable. There are so many reasons to use it, depending on the specific needs you have. From office block ceilings to new foundations, barn flooring to retail parking lots, concrete can help in any situation. You just need to be sure you are making use of the superior services of Round Rock Concrete Pros for all your commercial concrete needs.

    “Thanks to Round Rock Concrete Pros, my house is more secure and stable. They repaired my concrete foundations, when I needed them in a hurry. They prioritized my job and made sure they gave me the proper fix. So grateful for the quick response and hardwork.” – Johanna R

    Call Us Today

    If you are looking for the highest level of concrete work, in the city of Round Rock, TX or the surrounding areas, you need the services of Round Rock Concrete Pros. We are always ready and waiting to meet new customers and to show them our superior skills with concrete work. If you are interested in any of our services please contact us to discuss your project and what we can offer to get the job done.


    Round Rock, TX is a city located north of Austin, TX. West of Cedar Park, TX and south of Georgetown, TX, Round Rock is a great place to live and work. It is home to Old Settlers Park, a 645 acre park with over 25 sports fields and also Rocking River Waterpark. Not only are there fun things for families in Round Rock, but Round Rock Independent School District is a desirable school system at all levels. Round Rock Concrete Pros is a local Round Rock concrete contractor, and we are proud to service the residents of Round Rock, TX and the surrounding areas.