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Concrete Countertops

Round Rock Concrete Contractor

Consider concrete countertops for your kitchen renovation. These countertops are not only highly durable, but they are sleek, modern, and lovely. When you are installing a new kitchen countertop, the first thing you may desire is a material that compliments the style of the kitchen. Concrete is very versatile and the area can be created in several different ways. Contact our design team at Round Rock Concrete Pros and hire us to be your concrete contractor Round Rock.

You will also most defiantly want a countertop that is tough. You need it to be resistant to staining, moisture and damage. When shopping for exactly the right countertop it can be difficult to find one that has all the elements you want that is affordable. Look no further. Concrete countertops are reliable, will fulfill your aesthetic requirements, and will last you a number of years. Call Round Rock Concrete Pros to begin the creation of your concrete countertop today!


Concrete Slab Countertop

A concrete slab countertop will be the superior level of quality that you need. It is strong and durable material, which can be easily adapted to achieve the look that you want. Also, making use of custom poured slabs means that you can create a number of unique shapes and designs. All you need to do, is make sure that you use the very best around. That is why, we are the team for you. For the new installation of a concrete slab countertop, we will be able to help you produce the unit that meets your individual needs.


Polished Concrete Countertop

Given that your countertop will almost certainly be used in your kitchen, it is important to properly prepare it for the space. It is no secret, that your countertop is going to get wet and likely, covered in a number of food items. You want to protect the space from staining or moisture, so you need to seal the surface. And, to be able to do that, you maybe interested in polishing your counter. Using our premium epoxy coating, we will be able to secure and strengthen the surface. This will make it much more viable for your needs, as well as looking more effective.


Colored Concrete Countertop

On its own, concrete doesn’t deliver the most striking aesthetic. It comes in the typical gray color, which probably isn’t going to achieve the impact that you want. However, when you combine it with some color, there are endless opportunities. Through staining and dyeing, you can achieve a range of different looks, one of which will be certain to match the look that you want, for your kitchen. You can choose between our wide number of options, all of which are premium products, to guarantee a premium appearance.


Custom Design

At the end of the day, your kitchen has a big impact on the look of your entire home. It is an important element, that you will interact with each day. So, you want it to represent you, your home and your needs. Working with us, that is what you can be certain of. Our team will custom design every single installation that they make. Our priority is to make good on your unique needs. So, tell us every detail that you have in mind, for the construction of your countertop, and trust us to bring them to life.