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Foundations and Slabs


When it comes to foundations and slabs, concrete is the most useful and successful material because of just how strong it is. It is able to hold a substantial weight above it, making it the ideal material for things like foundations. Used in many American households, concrete is one of the most common materials in foundation construction, being both poured and used in slabs. When installed by a skilled professional concrete will serve you and your home well for a many number of years. For concrete Round Rock TX call us!


Hire Us

When you are needing any services for foundations or concrete slabs, contact Round Rock Concrete Pros. We will deliver high quality services in new installations, as well as with any repair work.



Poured Concrete Foundations

Poured concrete foundations are a popular choice of foundation, for many people. Being poured into either a pre-designed shape or into the walls of a basement, poured concrete foundations are quick to install and are very supportive. Both of these are viable choices and have been popular choice among both our clients and the rest of Texas. The important thing, is that the work is done by an experienced professional. You can look to us for the pouring of your concrete foundations, knowing that we will apply our many years in the field, towards doing the job to the highest standard.


Concrete Slab Foundation

The popular alternative to this, is the installation of a concrete slab foundation. These provide a strong and even base for a house, without taking too long to install. In some parts of the city of Round Rock, flooding can be a real concern. With concrete slab foundations, you can reduce the risk that flooding poses, to your home. So, when you decide that this is the best option for you, give us a call about our installation service. Using our premium concrete mix, we will construct a strong and stable concrete slab foundation, which will last you for a long time.



Concrete Pavers

Concrete slabs are a very diverse style of concrete, able to be used in a number of different ways. For both functional and aesthetic purposes, concrete slabs can make a real impact to your property. When poured into smaller pavers, they become a really effective material for things like patios and pathways. Combining well with any style of decorative concrete, our skilled team will be able to use pavers to create a quality installation on your property.


Foundation and Slab Repairs

While concrete is known to be very strong and reliable, it can still crack and wear. As foundations hold a lot of weight above them, if they begin to weaken, it could threaten the entire structure of your home. If you notice any sign, that your foundations may be starting to break, you should give us a call right away. We provide full services in concrete repairs, fixing anything from small cracking in foundations to complete spalling in concrete slabs. No matter the scale of the damages, you can be certain that the experts at Round Rock Concrete Pros will be able to find you the proper fix. We are the concrete contractors Round Rock TX for the job.