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Stone Work


At Round Rock Concrete Pros we excel at stone work projects! Our highly trained and experienced craftsmen who specialize in stone work. We are proud to be able to offer such a diversity of services. Contact us today at 512-572-4374!



Stone Work

We are well known for our superior level of concreting work. But we know that concrete isn’t always everyone’s’ first choice. For many people, stone is the material to design the various spaces on their property. We completely understand this and are eager to help. The talents of our team aren’t limited to just one type of construction. In fact, we can also offer you a premium standard of service using masonry materials. You know we will always go above and beyond to fulfill your stone work needs. So, if you have a dream stone space that you want designing, you can bet that we are still the team for you.


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Stone Patios

Masonry is a great material to use in the design of a patio. Not only does it open up many choices for premium aesthetics, it also gives the added depth of various textures. When used skillfully, it can be a very effective patio construction material. So, if you are looking for a high-quality installation, you need to be using the very best. Our team have many years of experience working with stone and apply their usual creative eye, to imagine and create premium stone patios.

Stone Work Round Rock TX
Stone Retaining Walls

In a backyard landscape, many people choose to shape their land. To be able to do this, you need to be able to hold up a large amount of soil, supporting the weight for many years. The way to do that, is by using retaining walls, something that stone is brilliant for. Both strong and aesthetically effective, masonry is a great way to do more with your retaining wall. If you intend to carve shapes into your landscape and you want it designed with quality, we will be able to help. Let us know the details that will most achieve your vision and leave us to make it a reality.


Stone Pathways

As much as stone is a great material for the construction of patios, it also works brilliantly for the route to meet them. Designing pathways with stone can create premium and rustic looks, adding a charming detail to your home. It is important that it is constructed with quality and by a team, who really know how to combine function with appearance. In the city of Round Rock, of course that can only mean us. You know we will apply our exemplary design skills to installing stone pathways effectively.



Masonry Outdoor Kitchens

If you are someone intending to install an outdoor kitchen, into your backyard, you are someone who cares about quality. So, masonry will no doubt be a consideration of yours, for the building materials. We will help you to imagine the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, using stone as the key building element. We can even combine stone and concrete into making a more varied looking space. Whatever your particular choices, trust us with your stone work job. You know that our skilled team are the very best, when it comes to making premium home improvements.